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Softness, comfort and quality define this magnificent collection of bath linens.

They are available in 2 versions: plain or Jacquard with a spiral pattern. Towels, regular and maxi bath towels, wash gloves and bath robes, with a grammage of 550 gr/m2, are proposed in 6 beautiful colours: yellow lime, red fuschia, plum, blue lagoon, grey and white.

They are supplied by BEFAIR, a company actively promoting fair trade; they are made of 100% organic cotton, certified by Max Havelaar and are produced in Kita, Mali.

The Jacquard pattern has the shape of a spiral. It is inspired by Africa, where it is the symbol of eternity.

Make yourself happy and make the others happy by buying or by offering these superb fair trade textiles. 

These bath linens are not only of top quality, but they are also very easy to take care of.

From a sustainable development point of view, they offer the advantage of being made in a textile factory grouping the whole production chain: spinning mills, knitting, non-polluting dyeing, weaving and making. The factory recycles the entirety of the waste water used for dyeing. As a result, recycled water allows a better quality of the towelling and uniform dyeing, as well as a better quality of colours, while respecting the environment.

In Kita, the membership to the Fair Trade network results in a higher income and stronger co-operatives. It also allows investments aimed at financing projects benefiting directly to the local farmers and artisans, and their families, for example by improving the means of production or by developing children’s education.

Furthermore, the production process falls under the concept of sustainable development and privileges the use of natural and organic fertilizers. In Mali today, the use of chemicals is extremely limited, which has for result cotton of excellent quality, according to the repeated statements of importers.

Support the fair trade and sustainable development concepts by purchasing these splendid textiles, manufactured according to processes guaranteeing an incomparable quality!

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