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A ceramic dishes with a pure and generous design.

All products shown in the pages « Art de la Table » are labelled Fair Trade . They are supplied by the COMPAGNIE DU COMMERCE EQUITABLE and come from Colombia.

They are manufactured according to processes respectful of Man and Nature, by craftsmen and companies selected for their good social and environmental practices.

By buying these products, you contribute to a fair business, based on the respect for the work of everyone. You should know that each of your orders allows to finance local development projects (education, professional training, free health centers,…).
Quite a few of these products are drawn by French designers in partnership with the local producers.

The raw materials are 100% natural.

The clay which serves as raw material is taken on the spot and requires no transport. Its modelling does not require any mechanization.
A 350 year old technique!

Ceramics comes from a mixture of 3 kinds of clay collected in the bed of a river. The ground is dried, crushed in a pestle, then filtered, and mixed with water to obtain a homogeneous paste. For the largest pieces, the form is obtained using a plaster mould. Small ones are however hand-fashioned. The pieces are then dried partially until obtaining of a compact consistency, then smoothed using semi-precious stones to give them a shining aspect, before being cooked in a traditional ground furnace. Finally, at the stage of the reduction process, natural combustible materials are burned in order to give a light metal reflection to the ceramics. No varnish nor enamel is used.

The qualities of this product range are comparable to those of cast iron.
Like with any cast iron plate, one shall first boil some milk before the first use because of its slight porosity.
The ceramic can go in the oven, on flame or electric plate.
It can also go to the dishwasher.
The cooks appreciate it enormously because it retains heat and preserves the food flavours.