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History of the AA Butterfly Chair (also known as the AA Chair)

Jorge Ferrari-Hardoy, Antonio Bonet et Juan Kurchan, 3 young Argentinean designers, who had previously worked with Le Corbusier, got together to form the "Grupo Austral".

In 1938, they created the famous 197 model that became broadly known under the name of Butterfly chair.

This chair consisted of a 4 piece leather cover slung from a framework of steel bars.

The Butterfly chair was inspired to its creators by a seat used by British army officers in the 19th century.

Originally manufactured by Artek-Pascoe, the production of this mythical chair was taken over by Knoll in 1947, which lost its manufacturing licence a few years later.

In the Fifties, André Bloc, director of the magazine “Architecture d’Aujourd’hui”, mentioned the existence of this strange chair to Charles Bernard, founder of the Airborne corporation.

As a thankful and friendly tribute, Charles Bernard started to manufacture the chair under name "AA", referring not only to the chair design, but also to Architecture d'Aujourd'hui

Since then, the famous parachute fabrics have been replaced by waterproof and incorruptible 100% cotton fabrics, with the vivid colours that made the chair so popular.

Stopped a few years ago, the leather model is back with its initial design, and with a cover made of 4 thick sewed leather pieces (2,5mm), including a cow skin version .